About the Atlantic Essences

The Atlantic Essences

What is the central theme of the Atlantic Essences?

Many of them speak about:
Retrieving Joy: Cowslip, Atlantic Puffins, Stallions herd, Baby Swallows, The Pilgrim.

The importance and necessity of tapping into a collective consciousness: Dolphin – Together, Atlantic Puffins, Stallions Herd.

Inner peace/serenity: The Journey Within, The Essence Within, Dolphin Bay, the Pilgrim.

They are wonderful aids to meditation and support us when we look for clarity. The themes of no resistance and surrendering are recurrent in the range.

So is the sense of “coming home”, “being home”, home being in this instance, feeling at home with oneself, no matter where one may physically be in the world.

You may find these essences helpful during times of transition, times of looking for new direction. My experience is that these essences are not here to “change something”, but mostly to help one come back to inner balance which is forever there, even when external circumstances seem to say otherwise.

They are supportive in helping us feeling connected/reconnected to our inner joy, our birthright… There are times where we may feel as if we have lost that connection, yet like the sun above the clouds, it is always there…
They speak about Love. The gift of being fully oneself, each individual and yet all connected.

Why Flower/Environmental and Animal Essences?

There was no particular initial intent on my part for the range to be developed in that way. It happened. However, I see no coincidence there but merely life showing me the way. In a nutshell, I would say that each type of essence has a specific energetic field and works on a slightly different level, however, they all work together in symbiosis, as an orchestra finely tuned.

Vibrational Essences do not do the work for us, they work with us if we are willing to listen… to listen in a slightly different way to what we are normally accustomed to.

Flower Essences helps us raise our consciousness and awareness.

Environmental Essences helps us clear blockages and bring in new fresh energy.

Animal Essences feel to me as these amazing companions working with us in a gentle way.

It is difficult to describe exactly how each type of essence will merge with our own energy, but for sure, from my own experience and those whose processes I have witnessed, the potential for change and transformation is really there. It is therefore possible to work with one single essence at a time, or to work with essences in combination, whichever category they belong to.

There are currently 5 essences in each of the categories.

The Atlantic Essences and their description

 The Atlantic Essences come in 15 ml blue glass bottles, bottled up with deep care, using Organic Calvados as a preservative sourced directly from a local producer in Normandy. 

For selection of your essences, read on the essences, look at their names, their pictures, their title, and most importantly trust your intuition. See what calls you most and if you need any help on your choice, please do not hesitate to contact Muriel.

Flower/Tree Essences

Cowslip: Innocence (England - Dorset)
Childlike innocence. Finding again a sense of enchantment. Saying yes to Life no matter what. Was prepared during the presence and song of a cuckoo which added to the sense of pure joy and interconnectedness. A very simple message: “You are loved”

Early Purple Orchid
Early Purple Orchid – Centred in Peace
Essence of connection: to the Source, to our inner joy, to our soul family, to our sovereignty; by being spiritually aligned, we are living in peace, no longer fearing being « alone », instead embracing it, knowing we are part of a huge community. Early Purple Orchid is a connecting force helping us to live in the present moment and to celebrate the sacredness of our lives.

Foxglove: Fertile Creation (England - Dorset)
Feeling well in one’s body. Feeling strong and standing tall. The Love vibration, well grounded and with vibrant sexual energy expressed with love. Creative expression and fertility at all levels.

Impatiens: Divine Timing (England - Dorset)
“Everything comes in its own time”. One’s own sense of time. Birth of projects through communication, facilitating the expression of words coming from deep within. Feeling fertile, receptive and creative. Throat and sacral chakras.

Yew: Inner Light (England – Dorset, Fifehead Magalen)
How to be protected and held at times of bringing the new in one’s life so that it can unfold in a beautiful and sacred way. Nurturing the dreams and the space in which the dreams will flourish, being held in abundance and light. Very feminine energy. Feeling loved, feeling seen. Knowing when to be seen and when not to be.

Pink Series

This is a new series which will include Flower, Animal and Environmental Essences; what they will have in common, is a relevance to the times they will be coming out.

It starts now with « Re-Emergence », an environmental essence.


Supreme Presence

Coming out of intense and troubled times. On a collective and individual level. Shifting the heaviness, the depressive feeling with the light of hope again. A huge gift of sunshine, of sun warmth imprinted in every cell of the body, offering a new broad vision, an uninterrupted horizon, a feeling of a heavy weight being lifted, offering a world of new possibilities. The sun in the dark days: It feels so good to be alive!

Animal Essences

Atlantic Puffins: Joyful Action (England – Pembrokeshire, Isle of Skomer)
Taking an active part in one’s life. Feeling home everywhere. Birthing ideas.
Adapting to the ever changing currents of life. “Follow the wind, no matter what, even in the most adverse circumstances. Do it with joy”. Freedom within community.

Baby Swallows: Flying Away (England – Dorset)
For the times in life where we have to go through these key moments alone.
Being empowered through leaving the nest behind and flying to one’s destiny, strong of what we have already experienced. Going back to a state of innocence, enchantment and curiosity. Taking our flights with absolute trust and no questioning.

Dolphin Bay: Mother Love (Wales – Cardigan Bay)
Connecting to a mother and baby dolphins. Joy and nurture. Nature doing “her thing”, going with the flow, in real simplicity. Journeying without attachment to the destination, inviting calm waters, with real tranquillity. Expectancy without expectation.

Dolphin, Together: Togetherness & Joy (France – Brittany)
“It is time to gather. Together, we are strong. We go in the same direction, know exactly our individual contribution to the whole and perform it with total consciousness, aliveness, lightness and sheer inner knowing and determination. We are all part of a collective consciousness”.

Stallions Herd: Compassion & Courage (England – Dorset)
Essence of eternal youth and wild spirit, galloping towards one’s destiny, enhancing one’s healing gifts especially in the “wounded healer”. In a state of acceptance and surrender where there is no separation in a world of endless possibilities with no veil between life and death.

Environmental Essences

Big Chief

Supreme Presence: Clear Vision (England – Devon, Branscombe beach)
Authenticity, integrity, clarity of vision, speaking one’s truth. Holding the records of the ancestors. Looking straight ahead without being affected at a level that would stop one’s path. “We have to stay earthed and have a bigger vision”. Being anchored to the Earth and holding one’s vision. Protection, leadership.

The Essence Within: Stillness (Scotland – Isle of Mull)
To invite deep connection to the Source, where there is nothing to change, just be. In this place, we are in a state of grace, feeling the abundance and awesomeness of Life. Supportive at times of outer and inner darkness, when seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. This is the midnight sun in the middle of Summer in Scotland. Support in SAD.

The Journey Within: Free Heart (Scotland – Isle of Mull)
Going through the upheavals of life and trusting they will pass. Being in the present moment, knowing that to each beginning, comes and end, and to each end, comes a new beginning. Journeying towards the manifestation of one’s dreams and having a “rendez-vous” with oneself. As within, so without.

The Leap: Trust (Scotland – Isle of Mull)
“It is time to take the leap, even and especially if it feels scary. You will fly and it will be liberating”. Rejoicing in life’s miracles, wonders and surprises. Trust in life’s forever changing inner and outer landscapes. At times of crossroads, when facing big decisions, finding one’s inner strength and courage.

The Pilgrim: Gratitude (England – Northumberland, Lindisfarne)
“Things come to us when unexpected. Beautiful gifts come to us when we appreciate what we already have“. Commitment to one’s spiritual path with real engagement. Combined with the energy of a group of seals, this reminds us to incorporate joy in our engagement, connecting and bringing in the magic and fun of life.

How to use the Atlantic Essences?

Like all other essences, they can mainly be taken:

Internally: 5 drops twice daily either neat or diluted in water. Drops can be taken either from the stock or dosage bottle. See more information on stock and dosage bottles below.

In a bath: 5 drops swirled into the water. Relax and connect to the essence(s).

In sprays: you can make a spray with essences only, or mix them with essential oils.

To prepare your spray, mix 1/3 of alcohol (either brandy or vodka) with 2/3 of water in a bottle. Add 5 drops of the essence/essences you have selected. Mix well and spray around yourself and your environment. It is possible to use water only without alcohol, but please keep in the fridge.

If you wish to add essential oils, I would suggest using a 1% dilution, i.e. 2 drops of essential oils per 10 ml of water, unless you are using essential oils with specific contra-indications, or using your spray around babies and children under 12 years old, and also animals.

There are also cautions around sensitive skin. Some essential oils are also phototoxic – such as some citrus oils – i.e. can cause discoloration of the skin if exposed to the sunlight. I would strongly advise consulting an aromatherapist during pregnancy. In creams or in massage oils: add 5 drops to your cream or oil and massage to the skin.

In creams or in massage oils: add 5 drops to your cream or oil and massage to the skin.

Essences are great allies to body work – in particular massage – and I strongly recommend either adding essences to a massage blend, or for the person about to receive a massage, to take an essence internally before the session starts. I have received feedback from my clients and other practitioners clients that “The Journey Within” essence in particular had enhanced their experience of the massage.

Stock and dosage bottles – How to prepare your own dosage bottle

The Atlantic Essences come in Stock strength, meaning you can take drops directly from the bottle or prepare your own dosage bottles, allowing you to keep your stock for a long time, preparing many bottles and also combine essences together for a specific purpose.

If you choose to take drops directly from the stock bottle, you can either take them directly on the tongue, dilute them in a glass of water or in a bottle of water which you can sip throughout the day.

Alternatively, you can prepare your own dosage bottle for either a single essence or a combination of essences.

To prepare your dosage bottle, fill in a 30 ml glass dropper bottle with 1/3 of alcohol (brandy or vodka) with 2/3 of spring water. You can also use cider vinegar as a preservative or use water only, but in this case, please keep the bottle in the fridge and use within a short time. Then add 5 drops of the essence/essences you have selected to the bottle.

There are no real limits to the number of stock essences you can combine in one dosage bottle, however I would suggest no more than 5. I would also recommend focusing on one particular aspect you would like to work on at a time, and combine the essences which can support that particular process.

Suggested dosage, either from the stock or dosage bottles, is 5 drops twice daily.

However, please know there is no risk of overdosing hence you can adapt this dosage to your own needs, trusting your intuition as you will get a real feel for this whilst connecting with your essences.

Contact me

If you would like to discuss anything, please call me on 07545 380915 (UK) / 0632 164188 (France)
or send me a message using the form.

"Expansion workshop" Thursday 26th October between 7 and 9 pm UK time, on zoom

Launching a new single Essence to the range, called « Wild Blue Fern: Abundance» (see description in « The Essence Shop »), and also imminently, 4 combinations, I have been called to prepare a workshop on « Expansion », with the following theme in mind :

What is the place of Expansion in your life, how would you like to cultivate it, to be even more opened to it ? Are there areas in your life where you would like to feel more « expansive » ?

There will be space for meditation, under the guidance of the « Abundance » Essence, time for sharings and questions.
Abundance is much more than a « program », more of a feeling… Feeling abundant in ourselves is what I am intending to explore with you in this new workshop.

Fee for the workshop : £30

To book, please contact me via email;   and I will send you my bank or PayPal details. Thank you


“10 natural remedies” online seasonal workshops

3 weekly workshops, each season, starting with:

“How to take care of our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being in Autumn »

Wednesday 1st/8th/15th November  between 7 and 9.30 pm UK time, on zoom 

It has come, even more, to my awareness that it does not take much at all, to take care of ourselves. Just the willingness, and the awareness we are worth it !! Once we have taken this decision to be kind to ourselves, Nature responds to us in myriad ways and we have wonderful natural remedies that are here to support us.

During my 25 years of living in the UK, I have trained and qualified in various amazing natural medicines such as Homeopathy, Aromatherapy and Vibrational Essences therapy and know how deep reaching they can be for us.

And I have come with the following proposal :

Each season, I will present over the zoom platform, 3 weekly workshops ; starting with the Autumnal Season, taking place and presenting remedies, as below :

1st November : 10 essential oils

8th November : 10 homeopathic remedies

15th November : 10 vibrational Essences (different types of essences : Flower/Environmental/Animal Essences from a variety of ranges :

Bach flower remedies, Australian Bush Essences, Wild Earth Animal Essences, Alaskan Essences and of course, the Atlantic Essences !

The strong invitation is to attend all 3 workshops, however it is possible to purchase them on a single basis. 

Fee for 1 workshop: £35 ,

Fee for the 3 : £90

If you are interested, please register ASAP

To book, please contact me via email;   and I will send you my bank or PayPal details. Thank you.