Workshops & Retreats

I absolutely love running workshops and holding retreats… I love seeing the transformations occurring during them. Having recently moved back to France, I am delighted to be able to offer one to one and small groups one day/week-end retreats and workshops in Normandy in a very rural and quiet environment near Pont-Audemer , a very lovely market town.


I have held my own workshops for a long time and also held them on behalf of organizations such as Neal’s Yard remedies in the UK, and am still doing today.

The workshops are addressed to anyone interested in healing and self-healing, using all types of vibrational Essences as support. During the workshops, you will learn about Essences through experiencing them in relation to particular themes, although my aim is to respond to what presents at the time.

I also offer workshops held around the particular themes of The Atlantic Essences, such as “Coming Home”. I draw on my extensive experience of Essences which I have used in my own practice for many years and in my teaching work.

If you choose to attend an individual workshop, we will find together what you are looking for and the workshop will be designed accordingly.


They can last a morning, an afternoon, a day or a week-end. It is not the duration which matters, but how we can find the silence within. I aim to offer a space to facilitate this, and draw on my experience of holding space. During retreats, all is invited: sitting in circle, sharing, being still, walking, meditating, dancing and much more. During the retreats, Essences are invited as our companions and facilitators and I also love using scent through the medium of essential oils.

During individual retreats, being an aromatherapist, I am also able to offer massages. If you would like to attend a workshop or retreat, a vehicle is strongly recommended, however I can arrange to pick you up from a train station. I do not provide accommodation but there are many local lovely places I can recommend.

Prices for workshops and retreats vary depending on circumstances, i.e. whether you wish to attend a group workshop or an individual workshop, so please do contact me for more information and so that we can discuss your wishes. Thank you.


Over my many years of work, I have developed skills around listening, and what I have observed are the miracles that can happen when one is heard.

So what I aim to offer during my consultations is a Space to be Heard.

Having seen what is possible with Essences, they are a central part of the consultation to guide us. At the end of the session, a blend of essences is prepared for you to take away with you.

One to one sessions are mainly organized in France, in Normandy near Pont- Audemer. The space and venue there offer deep tranquility.

However I do travel regularly to the UK and therefore if you wish for a one to one consultation in the UK, this can be arranged in advance, either in London or in Gillingham in Dorset.

I do offer skype, phone, zoom consultations and work extensively with my clients in that way.

I do work with my own range i.e. the Atlantic Essences but also other ranges such as the Bach Essences/Australian Bush Essences/Alaskan Essences/Wild Earth Animal Essences and the Lightbringer Essences. It all depends on your own affinities.

Prices vary depending on your requests, however as a guideline I do charge £55 per hour for the consultation and £10 per bottle of essences. If essences need to be sent out to you, there is an additional P&P cost.

Contact me

If you would like to discuss anything, please call me on 07545 380915 (UK) / 0632 164188 (France)
or send me a message using the form.

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