The Horses

Some years ago, I was befriended by a herd of 6 untamed young stallions who lived on the field opposite my then home. They seemed to have appeared from nowhere, since there had never been horses living on this land before, but were actually owned by a local farmer who left them to their own device grazing the field. This was for me a huge gift since I have never been drawn to ride, but have always held a particular attraction to horses, and in particular, herds of horses.

For quite a while, I walked on the field without attempting to connect with them, since I sensed that at the time, the invitation was not there and I wanted to respect their space. Until a day where I was sick and where all changed for me personally, and between us. I was resting and saw the herd from my bedroom window. It was a sunny day, and despite feeling poorly, the attraction was too strong for me not to go and see them. I didn’t have any idea what was about to happen.

By the time I walked on the field, they were at the other end of it, i.e. a long way away from me. But I felt instantly something changing. As much as they had seemed to “ignore” me before, as soon as they saw me, they came towards me galloping. I knew instantly, like an old memory, to kneel down. It was not anything that anyone had recommended me to do, infact, I may have been advised to do the exact opposite, and yet, to me and between us, it felt totally natural. I felt I was invited on their land, in their home, and I was to show respect for this and their sacred space. They stopped one metre away from me and I will always remember these 6 pairs of eyes looking down at me, with great power and yet great gentleness too. We stayed like this a while and then I got up and they formed a circle around me. They played together, ate, rested, this went on for quite a while. Needless to say I no longer felt sick! I just could not believe what was happening, and felt I was going through a kind of rite of passage.

This experience never occurred again, but what changed after this particular time was that they accepted me as part of their herd and I was able to make deep connections with them. We had then a two years journey together, where we became an intimate part of each other’s lives and where we got to know each other very well. Amongst the numerous gifts, I got to learn about herds behaviour. Most of all, I loved observing their interconnectedness.

What I remember most about their young stallion energy is this amazing powerful strength, this fiery, very creative energy, both powerful and gentle at the same time. Like beings who are very anchored in their power with a very vital energy. I remember the dances they shared, the times where they rested, lying down with always one standing up as if guarding the herd. The times of disagreement too, which could end in a very quick fight, with no further consequence. How they each had a place in the tribe, swapping roles at different times. As a young tribe, there was a general feeling of mischievousness going on and also of joy, and I also saw a lot of courage and compassion in them, between them and also with me. I saw how they inter-connected,, how they all were all dependable on one other and yet, how individual and different they were too.

I ended up spending so much time with them, that I spent less time with my human tribe. But their message to me was very clear: “do not forget your human tribe”.

Although essences came into my life way before I met my friends horses, I can see how their energy is such a big part of the Atlantic Essences range. I feel that their very strong, gentle, empowering energy comes throughout each of the essences with an emphasis on finding one’s courage to be truly oneself, finding our freedom and having compassion towards ourselves and others.

Being a herd, they spoke to me a lot about connection, companionship, brotherhood and sisterhood. How to be connected, how to find one’s home…. being at home in our hearts.

Whilst preparing the labels of the range and working on the logo, this beautiful image of a horse’s face made itself known. There was no particular intent on my part, it just happened by itself. I see this as the range recognising the energy of the wild horse as its guardian. I wanted to honour this beautiful herd, my beautiful friends, and to share my experience with you as it may give you another insight into the range.

Thank you to you my beautiful horse friends, thank you to all horses for their beauty and courage.

Thank you for your beautiful and majestic hearts.

And thank you to you for reading.

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During my 25 years of living in the UK, I have trained and qualified in various amazing natural medicines such as Homeopathy, Aromatherapy and Vibrational Essences therapy and know how deep reaching they can be for us.

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