Shipping & P&P Charges

Thank you for your interest in the Atlantic Essences. We aim to send your order within 3 working days, however on the occasions where there may be delays due to travels in France or the UK, there will be a notification on our website.

We are currently mainly shipping to the UK and France, however this can be extended to the rest of Europe and P&P charges are identical for the UK and Europe apart from France, since we are shipping from France.

The postal systems in place, both in France and the UK, favour the medium and large sized parcels instead of the small ones, so we have made sure to be able to send a single essence at a very reasonable price by choosing light packaging and sending the bottle as a letter rather than a parcel, and the charges for larger orders are proportionally well priced.

UK orders and Europe (apart from France)
Up to 4 bottles orders are sent as letters and do require a signature on reception.
Above 4 bottles will be sent via “Colissimo international”, a trackable service requiring a signature.

One bottle £4.00
Between 2 and 4 bottles £8.00
Between 5 and 8 bottles £12.50
Between 9 and 16 bottle £15.00
Between 17 and 32 bottles £18.00
Above 32 £24.00


Orders to France
Orders of a single essence incur a P&P charge of £4 (letter, normal post). Orders between 2 and 4 essences can either be sent as parcels, normal post, or as trackable parcels. All orders above 4 essences are sent as trackable parcels via Colissimo France.

One bottle £4.00
Between 2 and 4 bottles £6.50 normal post or £9.00 trackable
Between 5 and 8 bottles £10.50
Between 9 and 16 bottles £12.00
Between 17 and 32 bottles £14.00
Above 33  £17.00

All orders go through the Web, however, would you incur a problem on your order, please do not hesitate to contact us on:
UK: 07545 380915
France: 0632 164188

Contact me

If you would like to discuss anything, please call me on 07545 380915 (UK) / 0632 164188 (France)
or send me a message using the form.

"Expansion workshop" Thursday 26th October between 7 and 9 pm UK time, on zoom

Launching a new single Essence to the range, called « Wild Blue Fern: Abundance» (see description in « The Essence Shop »), and also imminently, 4 combinations, I have been called to prepare a workshop on « Expansion », with the following theme in mind :

What is the place of Expansion in your life, how would you like to cultivate it, to be even more opened to it ? Are there areas in your life where you would like to feel more « expansive » ?

There will be space for meditation, under the guidance of the « Abundance » Essence, time for sharings and questions.
Abundance is much more than a « program », more of a feeling… Feeling abundant in ourselves is what I am intending to explore with you in this new workshop.

Fee for the workshop : £30

To book, please contact me via email;   and I will send you my bank or PayPal details. Thank you


“10 natural remedies” online seasonal workshops

3 weekly workshops, each season, starting with:

“How to take care of our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being in Autumn »

Wednesday 1st/8th/15th November  between 7 and 9.30 pm UK time, on zoom 

It has come, even more, to my awareness that it does not take much at all, to take care of ourselves. Just the willingness, and the awareness we are worth it !! Once we have taken this decision to be kind to ourselves, Nature responds to us in myriad ways and we have wonderful natural remedies that are here to support us.

During my 25 years of living in the UK, I have trained and qualified in various amazing natural medicines such as Homeopathy, Aromatherapy and Vibrational Essences therapy and know how deep reaching they can be for us.

And I have come with the following proposal :

Each season, I will present over the zoom platform, 3 weekly workshops ; starting with the Autumnal Season, taking place and presenting remedies, as below :

1st November : 10 essential oils

8th November : 10 homeopathic remedies

15th November : 10 vibrational Essences (different types of essences : Flower/Environmental/Animal Essences from a variety of ranges :

Bach flower remedies, Australian Bush Essences, Wild Earth Animal Essences, Alaskan Essences and of course, the Atlantic Essences !

The strong invitation is to attend all 3 workshops, however it is possible to purchase them on a single basis. 

Fee for 1 workshop: £35 ,

Fee for the 3 : £90

If you are interested, please register ASAP

To book, please contact me via email;   and I will send you my bank or PayPal details. Thank you.